Dr. Andrea Marliani (Italy)

Italian Trichology Society, Surgent, Dermatologist and Endocrinologist
Session: Hair

Dr. Bill Andrews (USA)

Session: Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine Focus on DNA

Dirk A.F. van Lith, M.D. (Netherlands)

Session: Obesity

Prof. Emanuele Bartoletti (Italy)

Plastic Surgeon
Italian Medical Aesthetic Society, President
Session: Fillers

Prof. Francesco Amenta (Italy)

Camerino University, Dean, School of Medicinal and Health Products Sciences
Session: Education in Aesthetic Medicine

Prof. Fulvio Tomaselli (Italy)

Guglielmo Marconi University, Specialist in Medical Angiology and Medical Hydrology
Session: Peelings

Prof. Irina Poleva (Italy)

Camerino University, Medical Aesthetic Professor
Session: Lasers, LED, Radiofrequency

Prof. Luca Piovano

Camerino University, Plastic Surgeon
Session: Skin Rejuvenation

Prof. Olga Panova (Russia)

Russian National Society of Aesthetic Medicine, President
Session: Lasers, LED, Radiofrequency

Dr. Vladimir Tsepkolenko (Ukraine)

Plastic Surgery and Cosmetology
National Union of Aesthetic Medicine of Ukraine, President
Session: Skin Rejuvenation