Aesthetic Medicine as a cultural movement was born in France in 1973, coinciding with the founding of the French Society of Aesthetic Medicine by Jean-Jacques Legrand, doctor of endocrinology in Paris.

This was soon followed by the creation of the Belgium Society promoted by the Belgian Michel Delune, dermatologist in Brussels (1974), the Italian Society created by Carlo Alberto Bartoletti, cardiologist, gastroenterologist, gerontologist and geriatrician in Rome (1975) and the Spanish Society, founded by Font-Riera, doctor of nutrition in Barcelona (1976).

In 1976 these four national societies founded the Union Internationale de Médecine Esthétique (UIME) based in Paris. Nowadays, there are 27 European and non-European countries which are part of this International Association.

Their aim is to bring together worldwide, within a single scientific programme, doctors and technicians of different specialties, but with a common interest in problems concerning aesthetic medicine.

The current Board of Directors of UIME is composed as follows:

Honorary Presidents: C.A. Bartoletti (Italy), M. Delune (USA), J. Font-Riera (Spain), A. Bourra (Marocco), A. Faria De Souza (Brazil), R. Pinto (Argentina), G. Marzullo (Chile), J. Hèbrant (Belgium), A. Elbaum (Uruguay)

President: M. Oughanem (Algeria)

Vice President: V. Garcia-Guevara (Venezuela)

General Secretary: J.J. Legrand (France)

General Secretary added for American Continent: R. Pinto (Argentina)

Secretary-General added for Africa and Middle East: A. Bourra (Marocco)


The UIME address is 154 Rue Armand Silvestre, 92400 Courbevoie – France.

Societies of UIME:

Italian Society of Aesthetic Medicine
Via Monte Zebio 28
00195 Roma - Italia
Website: www.lamedicinaestetica.it
E-mail: ebartoletti@lamedicinaestetica.it
President: E. Bartoletti
French Society of Aesthetic Medicine
154, Rue Armand Silvestre
92400 Courbevoie - Francia
Website: www.sfme.info
E-mail: info@sfme.info
President: J.J. Legrand
Belgian Society of Aesthetic Medicine
Chaussée de Marche 390
5100 Jambes - Belgio
Website: www.aesthetic-medicine.be
E-mail: jean.hebrant@skynet.be
President: J. Hebrant
Spanish Society of Aesthetic Medicine
Ronda General Mitre, 210
08006 Barcellona - Spagna
Website: www.seme.org
E-mail: secretaria@seme.org
President: Petra María Vega López
Moroccan Society of Aesthetic Medicine
19, Place du 16 Novembre
20000 Casablanca - Marocco
Website: www.dermastic.asso.ma
E-mail: drbourra@hotmail.com
President: A. Bourra
Brasilian Association of Aesthetic Medical Sciences
Avenida Vereador José Diniz, 2480, Brooklin
Sao Paulo CEP 04604-004 - Brasile
E-mail: clara_santos@terra.com.br
President: C. Santos
Argentine Society of Aesthetic Medicine
Avenida Santa Fé 3288, 4°A
1425 Buenos Aires - Argentina
Website: www.soarme.com
E-mail: pinto@soarme.com
President: R. Pinto
Aesthetic Medicine Society of Uruguay
Avenida Sarmiento 2470
11300 Montevideo - Uruguay
Website: www.sume.com.uy
E-mail: alberto@drelbaum.com
President: A. Elbaum
Swiss Society of Aesthetic Medicine
64 avenue de Rumine
1005 Lausanne - Svizzera
Website: www.ssme.ch
E-mail: xmartin@worldcom.ch
President: X. Martin
Polish Society of Aesthetic Medicine Sme Ptl
Al. Ujazdowskie, 24
00-478 Varsavia - Polonia
Website: www.ptmeiaa.pl
E-mail: psme@psme.waw.pl
President: A. Ignaciuk
Colombian Association of Aesthetic Medicine
Calle 4 Sur, n° 43 a 195 - Off. 141, Bloque B
Medellin - Colombia
Website: www.acicme.com.co
E-mail: acicme@une.net.co
President: G. Arroyave Estrada
Aesthetic Medicine Society of Venezuela
Av. Sucre de Los Dos Caminos, entre 4ta y 5ta transversal
Res. Centro Parque Boyacà, Edificio Centro,Piso 20, Off.201
1070 Caracas - Venezuela
Website: www.fuceme.org
E-mail: fuceme@gmail.com
President: V. Garcia-Guevara
Chilean Association of Aesthetic Medicine
Avda President Riesco 2955, Apto. 1102, Las Condes
Santiago - Cile
Website: www.achme.cl
E-mail: docgm@estetic.cl
President: G. Marzullo
American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine
24922 Laguna Vista
Laguna Niguel, Ca 92677 - USA
Website: www.aaamed.org
E-mail: mdelune@aol.com
President: M. Delune
Mexican Scientific Society of Aesthetic Medicine
Cincinnati 81-307, Col. Noche Buena
Messico - DF 03720.
Website: www.facebook.com/SMCME
E-mail: bmillerkobisher@yahoo.com
President: B. Miller Kobisher
Russian National Aesthetic Medicine Society
12/3 Fotievoi Street, Pol n.3, Of. 512
119333 Mosca - Russia
Website: www.rs-am.ru
E-mail: o.panova@rs-am.ru
President: O. Panova
Romanian Society For Aesthetic Medicine and Dermatologic Surgery
Sevastopol 13-17, sector 1, Hotel Diplomat, Apt. 204
Bucarest - Romania
Website: www.medicina-estetica.ro
E-mail: mirel-leventer@usa.net
President: M. Leventer
Kazakhstan Association of Aesthetic Medicine and Plastic Surgery
139, Tulebaeva Str. - 480091 Almati
Medeouski - Kazakistan
Website: www.estetic.kz
E-mail: arugulnar@hotmail.com
President: G. Zhumatova
Algerian Society of Aesthetic Medicine
Bt.T1, N°2, Diar Es Saada, El Madania
Algeri - Algeria
Website: www.same-dz.com
E-mail: Oughanem_m@hotmail.com
President: M. Oughanem
Canadian Association of Aesthetic Medicine
c/o CongressWorld Conferences Inc. - 220-445 Mountain Highway
North Vancouver, BC V7J 2L1 - Canada
Website: www.caam.ca
E-mail: drvanaardt@nslaser.com
President: R. Van Aardt
Korean Academy of Aesthetic Medicine
5th Floor, YD building, ChungDam Dong, Kang Nam Ku
Seul - Korea
Website: www.ons.or.kr
E-mail: zzang0703@naver.com
President: J.B. Yun
Society of Aesthetic Medicine in Turkey
Rumeli Caddesi Durak Apt N° 2, D.7
Nisantasi, Istanbul - Turchia
Website: www.estetiktipdernegi.org.tr
E-mail: subasihasanm@superonline.com
President: Hasan Subasi
Aesthetic and Anti-Aging Medicine Society of South Africa
PO Box 1190
Montana Park 0159
Website: www.aestheticdoctors.co.za
E-mail: drsmit@ackmain.com
President: R. Smit
Ecuadorian Society of Aesthetic Medicine
Ave de los Shyris 344 y Eloy Alfaro, Edificio Parque Central, Oficina 609, Quito
Website: www.seem.com.ec
E-mail: Seem2008cg@gmail.com
President: V. Tinoco Kirby
China Academy of Aesthetic Medicine
Department of Stomatology, General Hospital of PLA
28 Fuxing road - BEIJING 100853
E-mail: Dent301@163.com
President: Liu Hong Cheng
Ukrainian Society of Aesthetic Medicine
Bunina Street, 10
ODESSA 65026
Website: usam.org.ua
E-mail: office@virtus.ua
President: V. Tsepkolenko
Georgian Society of Aesthetic Medicine
Abashidze Str. 77
Website: www.gsoam.ge
E-mail: juventa_med@hotmail.com
President: E. Ugrekhelidze
Aesthetic and Anti-Aging Medicine Society of Portugal
Rua Maria Vitoria Bourbon Bobone, Lote 21, N°41, Apto. 201
P-3030-502 COIMBRA
Website: www.spme.pt
E-mail: jao.vale@gmail.com/
President: J.P. Macedo Vale
Croatian Association of Aesthetic Medicine
Joakima Rakovca 10
Website: www.huem.hr
E-mail: dr.bunar@gmail.com
President: E. Bunar